Children's Photography

I love taking pictures of children… the expressions, the wonder in their faces and the magical moments are countless.

When I arrive at the location of your choice – somewhere familiar, comfortable and fun for your child – I always spend time playing and chatting, so that we can really get to know each other. Like this, I can gradually disappear into the background and take pictures of a child who is completely at ease – in a way that just wouldn´t be possible in a studio setting.

Working in pure black and white film, I always look for the absolutely natural shot of your child. Whether he or she is climbing a tree, lost in thought or giving you a loving cuddle. In fact, I often get the perfect picture when I´m also up in that tree or racing down the garden! What ever it takes, I will capture that moment forever.

I believe that every photographic “session” should only be fun – a time that you and your family will look forward to repeating as your children grow. One of my greatest joys is when I hear that the children I´ve photographed over the years have insisted on taking their pictures with them when they leave home!

“JO JO is a whirlwind of enthusiasm and energy, intelligent and talented, she takes her work seriously while loving it with a passion. The pictures look spectacular because of the photographer herself rather than the technology of the camera. JoJo has been taking remarkable pictures of children for over 20 years. The combination of photographic skill and real passion means she can capture the very essence of your child in one stunning image”.