Wedding Photography

I love weddings..

I like to describe my style of photography as a video in stills. I record all the formal aspects of the day, but my real passion is capturing the fine details that make your wedding day unique. My background in photography includes portraiture, so I take plenty of single shots of your guests throughout the day, as well as capturing groups of your friends and relations enjoying themselves.

I start the day by spending time with the Bride and Bridal party as they get ready for the ceremony. Two reasons for this: firstly getting ready is such fun! Secondly it allows the Bride to get used to my camera and be totally at ease with me for the rest of the day. If time permits, I´ll then go straight to the wedding location to get shots of the groom and ushers before the ceremony.

I have photographed literally dozens of weddings, and each occasion has entirely its own magic. BUT they all have one thing in common: for both Bride and Groom – the day goes by much too fast! When you are the two people at the centre of everyone´s attention for a whole day it is almost impossible to remember afterwards all the many and varied elements that helped to create such a special occasion… without a permanent record capturing every precious moment, that is! I will provide that record.

When the number of guests exceeds 130, I team up with Pippa Hart.
Although we both work independantly as photographers we often work together as a team on larger weddings. Our styles are similar and complement each other well – giving you complete coverage even when numbers are high. Pippa would be with the Groom and ushers before the ceremony, would take shots of the guests arriving and she would take reportage shots at the reception.

If you would like to receive a wedding pack simply contact me via my contact page.